sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2009

And so it starts...

Here we are!

Finaly we have decided to go...finaly a date was setled...finaly here we are starting a new adventure and trying to keep you in touch with us!

We will leave a lot behind, but we expect to discover a lot also, and this will be the blog where you can follow everything, from the top of the hills we climb, to the island we swim to...from the problems we find, to the beautifull people we'll meet on the we will report everything to you, because we know you'll be watching!!... Or at least we hope you do!!! ;)

So stay tuned to the first steps of our great South American Adventure that will start on the 1st of February!!

The big plan is to go from NY, to Buenos Aires, from there go down to Patagónia, up through the coast of Chile, visit the Easter island, up to Bolivia, Perú and cross Brasil entering through the Andean Amazonia...we expect to have a map for you to follow.

But, until we leave we've decided to get you envolved in the preparations...

We hope you enjoy reading this blog and don't forget to comment and to send us news from you!

Love you baby's!!
SHi and Í

(This is us, completly excited on the day we bought the flight to NY and BA)

3 comentários:

múrmurio disse...

yhuhu...ap~enas um test p ver como fica

Miguel Cardoso disse...

;) fico a espera das noticias.... ;)

Boa viagem

Raquel disse...

eheh Gde experiência! Desejo-vos tudo de bom, amigas! :)))