segunda-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2010

almost much to do!! my dear friend said before, time is runnins out... exactly 27 days to go!

On the 1st of February we will be leaving, and until then I still find myself lost on the amount of things to do:

Prepare my house for renting (meaning finish furniture, and put locks everywhere!)
Get vacination
Check all documents and make copies to leave with my family
Make travel insurance
Go to Decathlon to change some clothes I bought without trying... :(
Make room reservation in El Calafate (Patagónia) to meet Ana on the 21st of February
Make a portfólio to be able to find a job after the great adventure
Take the car to the motor check-up (really need to do it before it blows on my face!)
Finish the travel date plans to put here on the blog so that people can join us somewhere in South América

....somehow it doesn't look like much to do when I read this...stil, try to do it while you are working 8 hours a day and you will get a glimps of what I'm talking about...
Also a very important thing to do...see friends and family and enjoy some quality time...hard stuff I tell you!!!


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